Loan Engage - July Release

New Features Overview

Loan Engage adds two new features: Ad hoc Email Program creation and Partner Lead Reports.

Email Programs added to Marketing Management

Similar to a users’ ability to create and send ad hoc single email events to a filtered list of recipients, users can now access preset email ‘Programs’ – a cadenced a series of emails created by their administrator user – that can then be sent to any of their leads.


“Programs” are:


  • Created by the Administrator (or others by permission) and inherited to ALL users 
  • Up to 5 emails per program – serially ordered with set time settings (delays)
  • Available to all existing email content templates
  • Shows up with as an EMAIL TILE with a corner badge graphic
  • Can see preview of the emails in the programs


For Users:


All preset programs may be enacted with users selecting their own recipients  filters or using favorite filters.


Partner Lead Reports for Loan Engage

This is a suite of seven pre-configured reports offered through a new tab – Report Hub – allowing Loan Engage users and their managers to see lead statuses and detailed lead data by entity, referral partner, Loan officer or recent time frames.


Six of the reports focus on lead progress through the origination pipeline covering broad grouping: New, Pipeline, or never reached.  A seventh report shows for any partner, their lead campaign efficacy by source type.


Importantly, these reports are all preset but configurable with detailed data sortable by the user. Users can create a PDF file to send to a partner and use in reviewing their leads’ status view of ongoing business. 

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