Partner Integrations: eBureau Lead Scoring

Velocify LeadManager™ offers an integration with eBureau lead scoring from within the LeadManager. The integration leverages the XML poster and allows clients to request a score for each lead by querying eBureau’s database. eBureau posts a lead score back to LeadManager.


What Do I Need for the eBureau Integration?

eBureau charges for lead scoring. To get their prices, contact eBureau at


The integration has an additional setup cost with Velocify as well. For more information about our eBureau integration, please contact your Velocify account manager.


How Does the eBureau Integration Work?

  1. Lead arrives into LeadManager
  2. An XML post is taken manually by a “Post to eBureau” action or automatically by a status change upon lead receipt
  3. Lead data is posted to eBureau’s web service
  4. eBureau responds back with a numeric lead score and/or address match information
  5. Velocify inserts the lead score into a custom field called “eBureau Score” and/or address match information into the Scoring tab.
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