Dear Valued Velocify Client,


Velocify is pleased to announce the newest version of LeadManager, which features a series of improvements intended to make LeadManager work better for your organization.


What's New in LeadManager 14.3.7?

Cache Fixes: Velocify will be deploying a series of hotfixes concurrent with the 14.3.7 deployment to address issues with LeadManager operating speeds that were identified by several clients.  These updates should resolve the issues noted by clients and will not cause any interactive changes in the product.


What other bugs, defects, and updates are part of the 14.3.7 package?

The following updates will be added to LeadManager in release 14.3.7:

  • Repaired Cancel functionality within the Import Leads page so that use of Cancel halts the import process. 
  • Increased the import file size maximum for upload from 4MB to 12MB.
  • Added new filter to Lead Logs called Due Date of Last Created Reminder in response to client requests for this option.
  • Repaired a bug that was causing script elements to freeze when using Form Builder after removal of a field.
  • Increased the Direct Mail Searchable Fields limit from five to ten fields maximum in response to client requests for this option.
  • Corrected a bug that was causing Custom Reports to fail when no filters were in use.
  • Repaired issue in Do Not Call List (DNC) functionality that was causing non-phone fields to flag with a Good Through Date.
  • Fixed intermittent error in Calendar Event time zone settings so that they match the user's time zone.
  • Implemented a fix to the DeDuplication program that was failing to display saved changes in Auto Reconciliation Rules, even though the changes were being saved in Velocify servers.
  • Added ability for administrators to manage their users' Caller IDs from an administrator login (without having to log in to LeadManager as the user to make this change).  Administrators can now access this function on the Manage Users page.
  • Repaired intermittent errors with order arrows in Manage Scripts under the Compose Scripts tab.

When will my organization receive 14.3.7?

14.3.7 will be deployed to client organizations on the following schedule:

  • Standard Edition clients during the evening of 11/03/2014
  • Advanced Edition clients during the evening of 11/04/2014
  • Advanced Edition clients during the evening of 11/05/2014
  • Advanced Edition clients during the evening of 11/06/2014

If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at or through your Account Manager.

Thank you,


The Velocify Team