Dear Valued Velocify Client,


Velocify is pleased to announce the newest version of LeadManager, which features exciting new tools for LeadManager Priority View.

What's new in 14.4.1?

Two new features are being deployed with LeadManager 14.4.1 that give client organizations new ways to improve how their users interact with leads provided in Priority View:

  • Priority Info Bars
  • Single Lead View


What are Priority Info Bars?

Priority Info Bars are a new tool that can be used in Priority View.  This feature allows organizations to add detailed information to their Priority View that provides users with information on why certain leads have been prioritized for contact ahead of other leads in the list.  Essentially, this gives users the ability to review and understand the reasoning behind the order of leads presented in Priority View. 


This feature comes about as a result of research by Velocify that has shown that many users will feel more trusting of an organization's priority programs - and thus rely on them more consistently - if they are given information on why specific leads are considered a higher priority for contact attempts than other leads in the Priority View.  If your organization is looking for a way to encourage your users to rely more on Priority View - and thus to receive the increased contact rate and other benefits of doing so - this new tool can help achieve this goal.

For information on how to use, set up, and manage Priority Info Bars, please visit the Support Portal article on Priority Info Bars.


What is Single Lead View?

Single Lead View is a new setting option found within Client Settings that allows an organization to limit the number of leads presented to users within Priority View.  This feature is intended to limit users who might approach Priority View as a buffet from which they can pick-and-choose whether to follow the prioritized order. 

By providing a single lead to the user at a time, the feature encourages users to focus on the next lead prioritized by the system.  For organizations that value the effectiveness of their Prioritization Queues or who want to limit users' abilities to surf through the Priority View list, this feature offers a solution to these issues.

For information on how to use, set up, and manage Single Lead View, please visit the Support Portal article on Single Lead View.

What other additional defect repairs and updates are included in LeadManager 14.4.1?

  • Repaired a bug that was causing the use of Duplicate Filters within the Confirmed Duplicate report to return no results within the report.
  • Some users reported an inability to access the scroll bar located within the Action or Status drop-down menus when using Google Chrome.  This error was caused by a specific version of Google Chrome and subsequent releases of Chrome have resolved this problem.
  • Corrected a defect in which use of the Assign Lead function from a Custom Report was causing the filters and view of the report to change. 
  • Addressed an issue reported by B&H Education that was causing the Comments field for Action Count to display on the wrong portion of the page when accessed from the View Leads page.  With this fix, the Comments field will now render next to the Action Count as expected.


When will my organization receive 14.4.1?

14.4.1 will be deployed to client organizations on the following schedule:

  • Standard Edition clients during the evening of 10/13/2014.
  • Advanced Edition clients during the evening of 10/14/2014
  • Advanced Edition clients during the evening of 10/15/2014
  • Advanced Edition clients during the evening of 10/16/2014


If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at or through your Account Manager.

Thank you,


The Velocify Team