Dear Valued Velocify Client,


Velocify is pleased to announce the newest version of LeadManager, which provides several enhancements that we're very excited to share with you.

What’s new in the 14.3.2 release of LeadManager?

The 14.3.2 release of LeadManager includes a new feature to access call recordings from within a lead's Add/Edit or Action pages, as well as several updates to address reported defects within the product.


What is the new Call Recordings feature?

A new feature is included in the 14.3.2 version of LeadManager that will allow clients with the call recordings feature to play call recordings from either a lead's Add/Edit page or Actions Window.  Only those Dial-IQ agents with LeadManager roles above User level will be able to see the new option to play call recordings from these locations. 

Whether accessed from the Add/Edit page or the Actions Window, the new Call Recording functions are located within the Logs and Actions & Logs sections of the History section as shown below.  It is also possible for agents with access to this feature to quickly filter for call recordings in the History section by selecting the Show Dialer Logs Only link.

What other additional defect repairs and updates are included in LeadManager 14.3.2?

The following updates will be added to LeadManager in release 14.3.2:

  • Implemented new code that allows users to display the Calendar feature found within Custom Reports with one click from the Log Date field.
  • Repaired the export feature of the Performance Metrics section of the dashboard so that all columns are reproduced when the report is exported to Excel.  Previously, the Contacts Made column was not appearing within the report when exported.

If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at or through your Account Manager.

Thank you,


The Velocify Team