Dear Valued Velocify Client,

Velocify is pleased to announce the newest version of LeadManager, which provides a major upgrade to your organization's ability to implement new priority programs, distribution programs and other settings.  LeadManager 14.3.0 will be pushed to your organization's LeadManager environment between 9/15/2014 and 9/18/2014.

What’s New in LeadManager 14.3.0?

The 14.3.0 release of LeadManager includes new infrastructure for caching changes made to your organization's LeadManager environment.

What changes will my organization see as a result of the update to LeadManager Caching?

Previously, if your organization made changes to LeadManager settings (such as prioritization programs or distribution programs), in order for all users to see these changes, each user had to log out and then log back in to LeadManager.  Velocify recognized that this situation was an area in which we could improve the product to make a better experience for both users and administrators of LeadManager. 

The new infrastructure for caching released in 14.3.0 fixes this problem so that any changes made to LeadManager settings will immediately be updated to all users without requiring any users to cycle their login. 

In practical terms, this means that your organization can be more creative and flexible in how it approaches all of its settings, including prioritization and distribution programs, since changes will automatically flow to all users once implemented.  Additionally, users should notice an improvement in LeadManager performance through this change, which will speed up a variety of background processes.

Are there any limitations to the process described above?

Yes, for changes made to User Roles & Permissions, all users will still have to log out and then log back in for changes made to Roles & Permissions to take effect.  This is due to the nature of these settings, which directly impact the information loaded into LeadManager upon user login.

Are there any other impacts caused by this change?

Users and administrators should see no other changes caused by the 14.3.0 version of LeadManager.

If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at or through your Account Manager.


Thank you,

The Velocify Team