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The Velocify Team is excited to share upcoming improvements to LeadManager:


What’s New in LeadManager 14.2.8a?

As part of on-going efforts to continuously improve LeadManager, Velocify has integrated a series of back-end changes to LeadManager’s supporting technologies.  The result is a LeadManager that is more robust and efficient in how it handles daily tasks.


Will I Notice Any Changes in 14.2.8a?

The changes made in the current release will not change how LeadManager operates on the surface.  One important difference in how LeadManager will operate going forward, though, is that emails sent by your organization’s LeadManager package may now appear as coming from IP addresses


Does My Organization Need to Do Anything?


Your organization’s IT team should update your Sender Policy Framework (SPF) list to include IP addresses  The SPF list identifies the IP addresses that are known as verified senders of email for an organization and are critical in ensuring that emails coming from your organization are not identified as “spam” or blocked by an anti-virus program. 

By updating your organization’s SPF list with the above-mentioned IP addresses, your organization will be able to ensure that emails sent from LeadManager won’t be lost to spam-blockers or systems of this type.

Velocify recommends making this update as soon as possible to prevent any missed communication opportunities with leads.

If you have further questions or require assistance, please contact us at support@velocify.com or through your Account Manager.

Thank you.

The Velocify Team