Velocify LeadManager and Dial IQ 17.2 Release Notes

17.2 Release Notes




Distribution program categories are now visible in the lead logs.


Every distribution program has logs which are accessible within the LeadManager. We have added a column to the log results to display the category label for the distribution program being queried. This will be populated by the category the distribution program is in.  This column will be clickable for sorting like the other columns on this page.  This column will be between Program and Campaign.

Agent ID can now be returned in all custom reporting base data.


Administrators have provided feedback indicating they would like to view their custom reports with an agent id. Administrators often export custom reports and use them to compare against their other data.  By having a unique agent ID to use, the data will be easier to combine and compare.

The AgentId field is currently accessible on the Agent Settings base data.  Agent ID is now accessible in the following base data reports:

  • Leads
  • Lead Logs
  • Login Logs
  • Agent Settings – this is added to the right of the current User column
  • Page View Logs
  • Receive Leads Flag Log
  • Receive Calls Log
  • Calendar Items Report – this is added to the right of the current User column
  • Leads and Duplicate Leads
  • Leads and Duplicate Lead Logs

The AgentId field is also filterable in step three of custom report creation. 

The AgentId field does not reflect historical agent data.


Based on client feedback, the amount of files that can be uploaded for lead imports has been increased to ten.


Clients can import up to ten files at a time here: Menu à Lead Management à Import Leads.


Based in client feedback the amount of leads per file has been increased to 100,000.


Clients can import up to 100,000 leads per file here: Menu à Lead Management à Import Leads.


The system field “last action note” can now be added to the lead view columns.


Last Action Note is a column that can be added to the Lead View Columns setting here: Menu à Preferences à Client Settings à Lead View: Columns.


The GetLeadsByPhone API has been enhanced

This API call now returns 100 of the most recently added leads that match the call.


Custom Field Creation can now be scheduled

As an Administrator you can now schedule a date for a custom field to appear for users - either immediately or at a future time/date (at least 5 minutes from present and no more than 72 hours in advance).  The time will be specified in the agent's time zone.


Defect Fixed: “Within” Filter Does not respect client time zone

It was discovered that “within” filters (ex. within the last hour) could only be applied using Pacific Standard Time. Now this filter will be based off of the client’s time zone defined in Client Settings.


Custom Report Update:

Default Action and Quick Action has been removed from all Custom Report base data.



New: Live Users Report


The new Live Users Report delivers a simple and straight forward user interface, giving managers' a clear view of which agents are currently on a call and which are not. To get more details, click on the video below:



Call Quality Feedback Tool


Velocify has launched a new feature within the Dial-IQ interface to capture real-time feedback regarding call quality. It’s an easy way for users to quickly rate the call quality on a scale of 1-5 stars as well as provide more detail about the problem. The new feature will help to give customers an immediate way to provide feedback and improve our troubleshooting processes. Watch the video below for more details.


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