Velocify Pulse March 17 Release Notes

Pulse Release Communication - March 2017 Release

Release Overview

The Velocify Pulse release includes several exciting new features that will roll to production the week of March 6, 2017. Enhancements include Email Interactions, Timeline Widget filtering and improved Call Detail reports. The release also includes maintenance resolutions and usability updates.


New Features


Email Interactions

  • Email Replies are now being tracked, this includes Opens and Clicks.
  • Email interactions can be used in Priority Rules to alert reps of recent activity.
  • Empower users to reply to an email exchange/interaction from the Priority View
  • Create reports to monitor template usage by using the Velocify Email and Velocify Conversation Detail objects.
  • Email template captured for measuring usage/success.


New Timeline Widget


Pulse now provides the ability to filter within the Timeline to give reps more control over the level of detail they want to see. Admins also have the ability to define which Timeline activities are displayed to users and for what timeframe (see below).


Please note: The new Timeline widget will replace the current Timeline Widget in our April 2017 Release.




Call Detail Reports

The Pulse release also includes updates for the Velocify Call Detail Report Types.

The following Call Details Report Types were updated

  • Calls with Velocify History
  • Velocify Call Details
  • Velocify History with Call Details

Newly added Fields

  • Call Completed Index 
  • Call Completed 
  • Call Segment 
  • Campaign Id
  • Campaign
  • Group Name
  • SFDCid
  • UserName 

Deprecated Fields

  • Agent Phone
  • Billable Duration
  • Conversation Duration
  • Initiated By
  • Is Transfer
  • Title
  • Total Call Duration


VRHI Archive


Velocify Admins can now manage how much VRHI data is stored in Velocify. This feature includes that ability to select the timeframe to be saved and creates a Scheduled Batch process to manage the data. The History Data Management provides the ability to manage Velocify specific data compared to overall Salesforce data storage limits.



Maintenance Updates


  • Resolved issue in Email Composer where if any merge field was null all fields in the email would break all merge fields.
  • Removed the Priority Info bar hover text in the new User Interface as it was duplicative.
  • Records would get stuck in a syncing state and as a result fall out of the Priority View. This typically occurs as a result of a Distribution. Additional retry attempts were added to ensure record is synced and user does not experience a ROW_LOCK error.
  • Ability to hover over Priority Rule to view the Filters. This saves time in understanding logic behind each rule and allows Admin to focus on what needs to be updated.




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