Velocify Pulse April 17 Release Notes

Release Communication - April 2017 


  • Automatic Upgrades for Sandbox beginning the week of March 27, 2017
  • Automatic Upgrades for Production beginning the week of April 3, 2017


  • This release includes several exciting new features to enhance Velocify Processes, Call Quality Feedback logging, and ability to force a record sync. We also included some maintenance resolutions and usability updates.


New Features

Unified Workflow


  • Now you have the ability to create new processes to prompt reps to complete additional fields at the time of committing an action
  • Keep your users focused on their Priority items while ensuring completeness of data


In the screenshots below, you can see the user will be prompted to Take Action as they do currently, and when they click Next they will be presented with the ability to add/update additional information that will be saved to the record upon selecting Commit Action.




Call Quality Feedback


  • This allows you to provide feedback to Velocify on Call Quality directly from the DialIQ HUD.
  • Users will be able to rate the call, indicate types of issues experienced, and add comments.
  • Feedback can be provided whether in an active call, recently completed a call, or not on a call.
  • Note: This feature will not automatically log a support case. Velocify Support will have access to the Reported Call Quality submissions to review and troubleshoot, as appropriate.





New Timeline Widget

  • This new widget provides the ability to filter the Timeline by any Activity Type and/or Timeframe
  • Users can also search for keywords



  • Email Composer: Added a new warning message to alert the user when their Email credentials need to be updated.


For example: the message below will appear, if the user has recently changed their network password.


"This action can't be performed because your email credentials are out of date. Please go to Velocify Admin - Email - Settings and update your credentials. Once updated, please try again."


Beta Opportunities


Contact Laurie Waddell (

  1. Email History Sidebar: View Email Interactions


2.  Sales Manager – Call History Details Report


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