Velocify Pulse May 2017 Release Notes


Release Schedule

  • Sandbox Deploy: 5/11/17

  • Production Deploy: Starting 5/17/17


  • This release includes maintenance and usability enhancements.


Product Enhancements


Have you ever wanted to move the Take Action or Email Composer popups? Now you can.


Users can now move the modal popups for Take Action and the Email Composer on screen. This allows the user to adjust their view to see the Priority View, insights Panel, etc. while Taking Actions or composing an Email.


Velocify Record History (VRH) records will no longer be created for records that do not meet Export criteria.


This will help limit the number of records that are created within Salesforce to track Velocify Actions.


New Timeline with filters will replace existing Timeline widgets.


New Timeline Widget will replace existing Timeline Widget with all activity filters included.­­­­­ This widget provides the ability to filter the Timeline by any Activity Type and/or Timeframe, and search by keywords.



Maintenance Items


Support special characters in Salesforce Picklists - Update Fields


The Unified Workflow Update Fields logic has been updated to allow read/display special character, like the apostrophe, in Picklist fields.


Commit Button on Unified Workflow – Update Fields


The Commit button has been adjusted so that there is no extra space between the Editable Fields and the Commit button. This means that when taking action from a Record Detail page the user will be able to see the Commit button.


Name Values in Priority Insights Panel


Resolved issue where Name fields were displaying as {text} in the Priority Insights Panel header. 



Beta Opportunities: Contact Laurie Waddell (

  1. Sales Manager – Call History Details Report





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