Velocify Lead Manager 17.5 Release Notes



SMS (Text Messaging) Enhancements


Modified SMS Logging

A new radio button has been added to the History section of the Lead Add/Edit page called “SMS Marketing.” This shows the conversation history between the user and the lead. The SMS exchange will also still appear in the Actions and Actions & Logs radio button as action entries. Outbound messages (coming from the user sending to the lead) will have a white background. Inbound messages (coming from the lead to the user) will have a blue background.

The format of the log entry for an outbound message is:


      From: Agent name – hover to see the phone number it was sent from

      To: Lead phone field name – hover to see the actual phone number sent to

      Body: Body of message sent

      Date: Date/Time of message sent

      Status: Message sending status


The format of the log entry for an inbound message is:

     From: Lead phone field name – hover to see the actual phone number sent to

     To: Agent name – hover to see the phone number it was sent from

     Body: Body of message sent

     Date: Date/Time of message sent

     Status: Message sending status


Available statuses are:

  • Delivered – checkmark. This means that the message was sent and delivered successfully.
  • Error – triangle with exclamation point. This means that an error occurred when sending or receiving the message.  Hover over the symbol to see what the error was.
  • Queued – arrow pointing right. This means that the message is scheduled to send, but has not yet.
  • Accepted – up carrot. This means that the lead phone number has been confirmed as a valid SMS phone number.

SMS Callback Routing


If a lead calls the long-code number from which they receive their text messages, the call will be routed as follows:

  • If the lead is assigned, the call will go to the assigned user’s Work Phone field entry in My Settings.
  • If the lead is not assigned, the call will go to the Company Phone field entry in Client Settings.
  • If the lead is assigned to a user who does not have their Work Phone field populated, the call will go to the Company Phone Field entry in Client Settings.


Lead Information in Email Notification of SMS Reply


When a lead responds to a text message, the user will receive that response as an email message.  Now the email response will look like this:


[message from lead]


[lead first name] [lead last name]

[lead email address]

[link to lead add/edit page for lead ID #]

[link to lead SMS marketing messages logs]


[Velocify sms footer note to agent regarding rules for replying to this email message]


Calendar Items Notification Update


If a user has more than seven reminders scheduled to send at the same time, the user will receive one email notification with the scheduled reminders listed in the body of the email.


For example a user has the following calendar events saved:


5/5 8 a.m.


5/5 9 a.m.


5/5 2 p.m.


5/5 4 p.m.


5/6 8 a.m.


5/6 9 a.m.


5/6 11 a.m.


The user chooses to be alerted of all of these events on 5/5 at 7:30 a.m.


Velocify will send one email to the user with the subject “Multiple Velocify Events Due” and the email body will list the calendar event reminders scheduled to occur at that time. 


The events will be listed in chronological order, the same as what is shown above, starting with 5/5  8 a.m. and ending with 5/6  11 a.m. 


The email will have a link to the user’s calendar items page to see the full list of items due that day.


If a user has more than three event reminder scheduled for the same time, and that user opts to be alerted via text message, he/she will receive a message that says:


“You have multiple events in Velocify due now.  Full list here: [URL to user’s Velocify calendar items page]


Pull Preview Revision

If a user has more than 1000 leads available to pull from a pull preview distribution, Velocify will only show 1000 at a time - 100 per page, maximum of 10 pages.


Users can still sort and filter off all records, but if the user wants to click through all pages, they will only see the first 1000.


This will be indicated by the number in the upper right hand side of the screen, seen above the number of pages.



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