Velocify Pulse July 2017 Release Notes

Release Features

New Features Overview

The Velocify Pulse July 2017 release introduces new view designed specifically for Sales Managers that facilitates monitoring and coaching activities.

Live Coaching

Live Coaching gives a Sales Manager three ways to silently or actively participate in calls between Reps and Prospects.  A Sales Manager starts monitoring a call in Listen Mode.  The Sales Manager can then choose from two Live Coaching options: Whisper or Barge.


Listen Mode: Sales Manager can monitor the call; Sales Manager listens to the Prospect and to the Rep, but cannot speak to them.


Whisper Mode: Sales Manager can listen to the Prospect and to the Rep, and can also speak – but only to the Rep (like whispering in the ear of the Rep).  The Prospect cannot hear the Sales Manager.


Barge Mode: Sales Manager can both listen and speak to the Prospect and to the Rep.  (Everyone is in the conference.)


Call History Reports (released in Beta in April 2017, now available to all Pulse customers using Dial-IQ)

Velocify has created a set of new Call History Reports. Each of these three reports are filterable based on Group, User, Call Type, and Timeframe.


Call History: This report will show metrics and detail for all calls. Including record information and links to Call Recordings.


User Activity Summary:  This report will show summarized call metrics by user.


User Detail: This report is a drill down from the above two reports



This section provides an overview of enhancements to currently existing features.

Priority View Settings

Do you have Reps that do not want to see the Insight Pane?


Reps now have the ability to prevent the Insights pane from auto-expanding.


This toggle setting can be changed at any time by the Rep themselves.


If they are working a long list of brand new Leads with limited data, they may choose the turn the auto expand OFF.


Then when working on follow-up actions turn the auto expand back on so they can easily view all information on the record.



Velocify has chosen to group the List/Card view toggle and the Auto Expand toggle into a new Priority View Settings feature.


Each rep can toggle the 2 Priority View Settings as needed:


Display: Toggles between List and Card View.


Auto Open Insights Panel: When ON, the Insights Pane will automatically open when selecting a record. When OFF, the user can double click the record to expand the Insights Pane.

Priority View Column Resizing

Have your reps complained that they cannot see all text within the priority View? Some columns have too much space and others are cut-off?


Reps can now resize the Priority View columns as needed to more easily view their data.


Columns can also be re-ordered.


Any changes made by the Rep are specific to that Rep and will be retained via their browser settings.

VRHI – exclude Manual Ownership Change and Manual Status Change

Is the Velocify Record History Item object consuming a large amount of your Salesforce data storage?


We have extended the History Data Policies to provide options to exclude Manual Ownership Changes and Manual Status Changes from being logged in the Velocify Record History Items (VRHI) object.


Use these new settings in conjunction with the History Data Policies – Number of Days to keep your data in check.

New Automatic Email Process

Do you have standard Salesforce email templates that you always want sent based on a certain action taken?


For example, after making the first contact attempt for a Lead you want to send an email with links to product or corporate documentation?


The new Auto Email Process step, will allow the Velocify Admin to define if an email should be automatically sent when the Rep commits a specific action. This will ensure process consistency, and save time for the Rep.

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