RCA - Missing or Incomplete Recording of Calls - 6/15/2017

Product Degradation: Missing or Incomplete Recording of Calls


(All times Pacific Daylight Time)


June 15th 11:27 am – 11:00 pm


Type: Dial-IQ





  • Some clients who had Call Recordings enabled saw impacts on all inbound calls, warm transfer recipients, and prerecorded message users.




  • Starting the evening of June 12th, Dial-IQ engineering teams started a gradual roll out of a new version of the software (DIQ 3.11). The rollout was completed to all clients the night of June 14th. Unfortunately, this version had an undetected defect where certain call segment(s) were not being recorded.


  • On June 15th at approximately 11:27 am PDT, Velocify discovered that Dial-IQ was not recording any inbound call segments, call segments after a warm transfer was initiated, or call segments after playback of a prerecorded message was initiated while agent stayed connected with the lead. Normally these call segments are recorded by capturing the agent side of the conversation and these recordings are made available in the Lead Logs.


  • After Velocify Engineering teams were notified of the issue, they quickly jumped on investigating the issue. Around 5 pm, the problem was identified, resolved and thorough testing was conducted to verify the fix. A hotfix to patch to DIQ version 3.11 was deployed in Production around 11 pm the same night.


  • We believe this error was an anomaly and do not expect this problem to occur again. Velocify views system uptime as one of our highest priorities and we sincerely apologize for the impact this problem had on your business. We value all our clients and take our role in your success seriously.


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