RCA - API Timeouts - 06/23/2017

API Timeouts


(All times Pacific Daylight Time)


June 23, 2017 10:25 am – 11:20 am


Type: LeadManager





  • Clients utilizing LeadMananger API services were receiving an error




  • A SQL Server instance was unable to respond to requests in an acceptable timeframe causing issues for users dependent on that instance.


  • The CPU on one of the SQL Server instances spiked to 100% utilization which prevented the server from processing requests appropriately.  This was due to a bad execution plan that was generated on the instance and caused execution of the SQL statements to consume more CPU than needed.


  • Velocify Engineering teams modified a stored procedure to prevent bad execution plans from being generated. CPU utilization of our SQL Server instances will continue to be monitored and runbooks and staff will be updated to handle this scenario.


  • The development team will investigate ways to make this code more robust and improve the performance of this part of the system. Velocify sincerely apologize for the impact this problem had on your business.
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