Velocify LeadManager 17.7 Release Notes

LM Enhancements

Based on client feedback, there are four enhancements releasing in LM 17.7 to improve the client administrator experience.

Add Lead ID as Unique Field for Manual Import

Clients frequently use a unique field for importing to update existing leads from a spreadsheet. Often clients have to copy the unique lead ID into a custom field to update the lead, but now we’ve made lead ID available to identify the lead. If a client imports a spreadsheet with lead ID in the import mapping, then that field will be the assumed Unique Field for Importing, not what is selected in Client Settings.


Inbound Routing Based on Last Interacting Agent

When an existing lead dials an inbound phone number, Velocify can route that call directly to the assigned user. Velocify can now route based off of the last user who called that lead through Dial-IQ. A new option will be added to each inbound distribution program to route based on lead owner, last interacting agent, or to distribute based on program configuration. If the client opt to enable this new routing method, Velocify will track all Dial-IQ interactions from that point forward.


*Please note, calls routed to last interacting agent will result in assignment of that lead to that agent.


Automatically Enable Field Scheduler

Velocify released a field scheduler for Form Builder (Advanced clients only) enabling clients to add new fields off hours to prevent service interruption. Velocify will automatically enable this scheduler when a database exceeds 150,000 leads.


Add Opt-In Link to Email Opt-Out Report

The Opt-Out Report (Menu - Reporting - Email Reports - Opt-Out Report) will have a new option to opt lead email addresses back into receiving automated emails from that database.

Change in Opt-Out Verbiage

If a user clicks the Opt-Out button on the Lead Add/Edit page, they will be asked to confirm the action.


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