Velocify Pulse August 2017 Release

Release Schedule


Sandbox Deploy: Week of 8/7/17


Production Deploy: Week of 8/15/17


Webinar: What’s new in August 2017?    Date: Tuesday 8/8/17 @ 10am PST

  • Review the August 2017 Release
  • New Custom Related Record Widget
    • Have your users requested to be able to view additional information in Related Records Widgets?
  • The new Velocify Custom Related Record widget accepts a SOQL query to display children of Child records. For example, display the Campaign Members for Campaigns associated to an Opportunity.




For our Inbound Dial-IQ Customers: Inbound / Outbound Call Blending

Velocify Inbound/Outbound blending is an enhancement to existing DIQ inbound feature.


Inbound / Outbound blending allow agents actively making outbound calls to be notified or interrupted for inbound calls.


Inbound calls are of higher lead value compared to outbound lead. Agents like the opportunity to win or respond to inbound calls when possible.


If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Account Manager.


  • Minor User Interface adjustments
    • Update color of main Priority View Headers
    • Adjusted Fonts and sizing
  • Maintenance Items
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