Velocify LeadManager - 17.8 Release Notes


Lead Creation based on Campaign ID

Today, when an inbound call comes in from a lead whose Caller ID is already in the lead database, the LM API that Dial IQ uses to lookup/create lead always returns the existing lead.


Clients have requested the ability to enhance lead matching based on the additional criteria of Campaign ID.  Since Inbound Phone Numbers are associated with a campaign, we have added functionality to create a new lead for any inbound call to an inbound Phone Number that is associated with a new Campaign (i.e. one for which there is not already a lead record for that lead’s Caller ID).


Note: If you are using this new feature, be sure to disable “Distribute Matched Leads without a Matching Campaign ID” setting or there may be an unintended conflict.


Note: If you are using Deduplication, be sure you configure it to respect Campaigns (i.e. to not merge leads from different campaigns).


Defect Fixes


Simulate Distribution does not show correct order of leads

  • Fixed the defect in which the leads shown in Simulate Distribution were out of order once the order of distribution was flipped (from Last in first out to First in first out).


Duplicate Management - Merge logs of Post Template is missing Title

  • Fixed the defect in which the logs of a merged lead excluded the post template title.


Duplicate Management - Merging logs are incorrect for Status, Agent, and Campaign

  • Fixed the defect in which the system fields of a merged child lead were not logged.


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