LoanEngage 17.9 Release Notes

Partner Lead Reports

A suite of seven LoanEngage specific reports are available through the ReportHub tab, each reflecting lead detail activity at the partner level and sortable by Partner, Partner entity, Loan Officer and time. Each report has specific pre-filtered use cases.


  • “Lead Source Performance” Shows closing efficacy by campaign


 Three reports focus on key activity stages in the loan production cycle


  • “New Leads” All those working but not yet in loan processing
  • “Active Pipeline” All Contacted leads still actively worked by the LO
  • “Loan Pipeline” All Qualified leads in loan processing


  Three reports focus on Marketing

  • “Closed Customers” For customer marketing (for life)
  • “Ever Contacted”     For potential re-marketing
  • “All Referrals” For a historic view of referral activity


The entire report suite is defaulted OFF unless approved by the LE administrator. Please contact our Support Team to enable this feature.


When enabled, all of the client’s data – RLO, Partner, and related leads in the LE system -- is available for reporting by every user with data history initially for the past 90 days. 


Each report may be created in a downloadable fashion – either in Acrobat PDF or for data export in “CSV” comma separated values, which can be easily imported into an Excel worksheet for editing or combining with other data.


Each report has a common format with bar chart time series tracking (by milestones) at top and lead data in sortable columns below. The lead data columns available are specific to each report and vary to the use case.


Sample of ACTIVE PIPELINE report



Streamlined Loan Presentations in LoanEngage

A new user experience has been added to LoanEngage that allows users to quickly and conveniently create and edit new loan presentations (Mortgage Coach) from preset templates:


Below are the four preset ‘Total Cost Analysis’ presentation templates available


  • “Standard Purchase TCA”
  • “High LTV TCA” (for low down payment purchasers)
  • “ARM Purchase TCA” (for lower income or payment sensitive purchasers)
  • “Refinance TCA”


These four pre-populated presentations templates come preset with TWO loan types pre selected (by the administrator) and pre populated for easy, fast editing by the user.


Users can further customize presentations from among a standard set of up to eight loan program templates or add their own loan programs and settings for common re-use.


Each loan presentation holds pre-populated data with common information to reduce the time required for setup. Administrators can update information across the user base to ensure everyone is up to date.


The Streamlined Loan Presentation Feature is defaulted off unless approved by the administrator. Please contact our Support Team to enable this feature.


Learn more about LoanEngage Partner Lead Reports in our comprehensive Partner Lead Reports User Guide for more details.


Discover how to create new presentations in Velocify LoanEngage in our comprehensive User Guide and Admin Guide.


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