Velocify LeadManager - 17.9 Release Notes


Redesigned Lead View Icons


We’ve redesigned the lead view icons, affecting Normal View, Priority View, Prospect View, and Manage Leads from custom reports page.  A tool tip for each icon will appear upon hover. The new icons look like this:


 Delete_Lead.png - Delete Lead

Magnify_Glass.png - Lead Preview

Pen.png - Edit Lead

Promote.png - Promote Lead (Prospect View Only)

ActionWindow.png - Action Window

Calendar_Event.png- Calendar Event Window



Prospect View



 Normal View, Priority View, Manage Leads




SMS Feature Update


We are making some changes to batch SMS. Last year we moved from using short code to long code numbers for SMS/text messaging in order to stay compliant with major phone carriers’ regulations. We are now initiating additional best practices suggested by carriers regarding batch SMS/text messaging. Accordingly, Velocify will no longer allow clients to trigger batch SMS processes using status change or action taken.


Call History Report API


The Call History Report is now available via an API call


Defect Fixes


The following defect fix has been released as part of the 17.9 deployment:

  • Moving an email address from one database to another will no longer display an invalid username/password error
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