Dial-IQ 17.9 Release Notes

DIQ Enhancements

We've improved users' interactions with the Call Quality Feedback  user interface.


After a Call Quality submission for a given call ID, the button will be removed until the next call.


After a user submits CQ feedback, the acknowledgement shall be as follows.


Thank you for reporting your call experience!

Velocify monitors this data to make continual improvement to our telephony services.

We thank you for your continued feedback.


Checkboxes will now be radio buttons with the following list

Which selection best describes the quality of your call?

Good Quality Call!

Call Quality Issue (no ring back tone, jitter, static, choppy)

Audio Delay (speaking over one another, noticeably delayed response)

Post Dial Delay (8 or more seconds to ring your phone after click to dial)

Press-1-to-Accept-Lead Issue (shotgun connect / press 1 not working, failed to capture digit input on phone menu)

Dropped Call (disconnected while speaking to a lead, call ends unexpectedly)

One-Way-Audio (only one party could hear the audio during conversation)


DIQ-Fixes - Call Failed message on HUD should not hide invalid number message

If you try to call an invalid phone number using DialIQ, the blade (aka HUD or Heads Up Display) will pop up a message ‘Invalid Number’ with Lead ID and Phone Number, but then that message will be quickly replaced by "Call Failed" message. The 'Call Failed' message, did not show the Lead ID and Phone number. So users had no way to tell which Lead and Phone number caused this issue.


Now we will show Lead ID and Phone Number with Call Failed message.

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