Velocify Pulse October 2017 Release

Release Features

New Features Overview

The Velocify Pulse October 2017 release introduces a new Sales Manager Home Page to monitor overall user performance associated with managing Leads in Pulse.

Sales Manager Home

The Sales Manager Home Page provides Sales Managers a quick overview of their team’s performance. This provides visibility to user’s performance to help guide the Sales Manager on where to focus coaching efforts. Sales Managers can use the page filters to drill down to individual users or specific timeframes.




Metrics: The Sales Manager can easily understand the progress being made towards engaging with and converting Leads.


Lead Throughput: Shows the number of Leads and how they are progressing through each milestone (New, Contact Attempt, Contracted, and Converted).


Rep Activity: Displays a summary by user of each activity type that is performed. This includes Number of Calls, Talk Time, Emails Sent and Activities logged.




This section provides an overview of enhancements to currently existing features.

Call Quality Feedback

The Call Quality Feedback form has been simplified. The Star rating system was removed, and the Call Quality issue list has been made into a single select radio button. Remember to still log a case with Velocify Support, if you are experiencing Call Quality issues so we can help troubleshoot and resolve.



Updated Google Map

The Local map widget has been updated to use the Embed API. This provides more of the Google map features, like directions!

Improved Priority Rule Tracking

Velocify Pulse now captures the Priority Rule for any Actions taken from the HUD or Object Detail for calls initiated from the Priority View. This improves the overall tracking and reporting on Priority Rule usage.

Do Not Call / Email Opt Out

The Velocify Pulse Priority View will gray out the Phone field if the Do Not Call flag is checked. Similarly, the email will be grayed out if the Email Opt Out flag is checked.  This allows the users to still see and take action on records where only one of these settings is selected. For example, if a Lead is flagged as Do Not Call but is fine to receive emails, the user will have that option to send an email but not call that record.



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