LeadManager: Troubleshooting: Import Leads


  • When importing leads from and spreadsheet and into Velocify-LeadManager, the data is inserted into the wrong fields
  • An error may appear



  • LeadManager
  • Microsoft Excel




STEP 1: Create an Import Mapping

  1. If not already completed, create an import mapping for the type of lead that must be imported
  2. See the following article for instructions: How do I do create a mapping?


Step2: Confirm the Status of the Import

  1. On the Import Leads page, go to the Import Results section at the bottom
  2. The field Status will list the upload as either Pending or Complete.
    • If Pending, the upload process is still working.
    • NOTE: Depending on the file size, number of records to be imported, and other variables the importing process can range from 5 minutes to a few hours. Once the upload begins, the process can be cancelled by selected the Cancellink to the right. This will cancel the remainder of the import but will not delete leads that were already processed.



 Step 3: Confirm that the Fields in the Mapping Match the Spreadsheet

  1. Open both the import spreadsheet and the import mapping created for the lead
  2. Be sure to match the fields in the import mappings exactly to the order of the columns in the spreadsheet, using the <<Ignore Column>> field to skip columns.


Step 4: Confirm that Dropdown Fields Have Matching Dropdown Choice Values


  1. For Fields that are Dropdown field type, please make sure that the options in your importing file match the available dropdown choice values in that field as displayed on the Form Builder.
  • NOTE: The values are case sensitive, and be sure to remove any unnecessary spaces in the data in your import file.


Step 5: Confirm that the Fields Being Imported Already Exist in the System.

  1. Confirm that the fieldvdata being imported already exists in the system
  2. However, if it does NOT exist, use Form Builder to add the field




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