LeadManager: How To: Add A Field On The Lead Form    



  • Add a field on the Lead Form




  • LeadManager – Advanced Edition Only





Add a field to your Edit Lead form using the Form Builder.


First, access the Menu page by clicking on your name in the upper right of the header. 



 Under Administration, click on Form Builder




Scroll down to the group where you want to add the field.


Click the Add New Field link within the group where you want to add the field.




The Add/Edit Field dialog will pop up.




  • Enter a Title for the new field and click the Save. The name must be unique.
  • Enter the Data Type. Examples of data types include Text, Money, Phone, Etc.*
  • Depending on your industry there may be a Lead Type combo box. Click to select the Lead Type if applicable.
  • Select Yes, No, or Read Only from the Visible to User  This determines if the end user can see and edit the data in the field.
  • Select which Group and Section where you would like to field to appear on the Edit Lead
  • The text you enter in the Tool Tip will appear when the user mouses over a question mark that appears next to the field on the Edit Lead Use this for fields where you think your users may need a quick reference on what information should go in the field.
  • Click the Required checkbox if you want this field to be required in order to save the lead.
  • Click the Printable checkbox if you want this field to be printable.
  • Click the Filterable checkbox if you want users to be able to filter by this field.
  • When you have configured your field, click the Submit 



By default, the field will appear at the bottom of the group/section where it was added.


To change its placement, click the arrows in the Sort column on the Form Builder.



  • A note about the Radio Type and Dropdown data types. When adding a field of either of these types, it is necessary to add items that the end users will be able to select from. After the field has been created and you have clicked the Submit button, find the field on the Form Builder click the Edit Items
  • A form will load that you can use to add items to your Dropdown or Radio buttons.
  • Enter an item in the text box and click the Add Repeat until all the items listed.



  • Re-order items radio buttons or items in the dropdown or by clicking the arrows in Sort
  • Delete and item by clicking the Delete link in the Options


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