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Leads are grouped into campaigns so that they can be easily identified as belonging to groups that come from different vendors or marketing efforts. When your system accumulates data and you begin using the reporting functionality, it is campaign reporting that enables you to see your ROI by lead source. See which lead providers are making you the most money. Velocify™ is integrated with most major internet lead providers to make buying and distributing leads to your users quick and easy.



Navigate to the Manager Campaigns page


  1. Click Manage Campaigns on the Administration Sub-menu




  1. The Manage Campaigns Page will then display





Add a Campaign


  1. Click the Add New Campaignbutton
  2. Give the campaign a title. This title will be seen by all the users. If you wish to conceal the source of the leads, give this a name which will not divulge the source of the leads
  3. Alternate Titlecan only be seen by administrators. If you are keeping the lead sources secret from your users, you can use the lead source name in this field, and users will not see it
  4. Choose a Lead Type from the Typedrop down. Select Internet Lead if you are buying this lead from an internet lead provider. If you are uncertain of the lead type, select Other.
  5. Enter the Cost per Lead. This is important for measuring ROI
  6. Make the campaign Active
  7. Select a Providerfrom the drop down menu.
  8. Click Submit



Note: There are many lead providers who are not listed in the lead provider pull down on the Add New Campaign page, but with whom Velocify is integrated nonetheless. So if the lead provider you are buying leads from is not listed, please contact the support team to get their URL. If necessary, the support team will set up an integration with the lead provider.



Delivery Instructions/URL 

Back on the Manage Campaigns page again, the new campaign is in the list. You have created the campaign, but now the lead provider needs to know how to deliver the leads to your system.  


  1. Click the campaign's Delivery Instructions/URLlink to open a pop up window which will display your Posting URL as well as relevant instructions.




  1. Copy the Posting URLand email it to your account manager at the lead provider. It is recommended that you ask the lead provider to send a few test leads before sending the whole batch. 





Multiple Campaigns for a Vendor

Some of our preferred lead delivery vendors are able to send leads to multiple delivery URLs. You can create multiple campaigns associated with one provider. The LeadManager will generate unique URLs for each of these campaigns. When your vendor sends leads to each unique URL, the leads will be correctly associated with each campaign.



Share Reports with Providers

Click this button if you would like to share your lead reports with the lead provider.

Providing data back to the lead providers helps them to understand which of their lead generation efforts provide higher quality leads. This ultimately contributes to higher quality leads from this source.




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