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Your I.P Address Security Settings are one of the most valuable tools to protecting your database from being logged into by a user not authorized by the Administrator. 

This overview will explain how to get to your I.P Address Security Settings and how to Enter I.P Addresses into this feature of the client settings.


First, access the Menu page by clicking on your name in the upper right of the header.




Under Preferences, click on Client Settings



Now click on the Edit IP Address Security Settings link 




You will then be brought to the page seen in the next screenshot. At the top of the page it will display your current I.P address. Just below that portion is where you will see the section called IP Address Filter. In this section, enter the I.P. Address you would like to enable to access to your account.


  • NOTE: The moment you input one I.P Address then the setting for I.P Security Settings will start working and not allow any other I.P Address not specified in the list to access your LeadManager. This will also effect other integrations that utilize Velocify's API. So if you choose to use this setting make sure you get a complete list of all I.P Addresses and input them at once.




After you input in the I.P Address you want to log into your database in the four boxes listed in the IP Address Filter portion, select [Add IP Address] to the right of the page to add it to your overall I.P List.


  • NOTE: Currently LeadManager does not have the ability to enter in a range of I.P Addresses at one time. You will need to enter in each I.P Address manually if you have a range.
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