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  • Setting an action to trigger a status change




  • LeadManager – Advanced Edition only






Statuses and actions combine to help you create a workflow for your sales leads. When a user takes an action on the lead -- indicating that they placed a phone call, qualified the lead, etc. -- the lead will automatically change statuses to reflect where it now is in the workflow. To create that association between statuses and actions, follow these steps.



First, access the Menu page by clicking on your name in the upper right of the header.



 Under Administration, click on Statuses & Actions



Find the Status where the action is used and click on Actions to the right of the status.






Move any action you want to display in this status from the left menu, Available Actions, over to the right menu, Actions in Status [New]


When you want an action to trigger a status change, click on the action in the menu off to the right


After you click on the action you will see a button called Trigger Status Change that has a Status dropdown to the right of it. Select the status you want the action to change to from the dropdown menu, then select Trigger Status Change. 


If you did the steps correctly you should now see in the menu to the right the action you had selected with a (Change Status to) text beside it. 





Here is an example from the image above:

Contacted: Withdrawn (Change Status to Inactive)


This shows that when the lead is in the status of "New," then the action "Contacted: Withdrawn" will change the status to "Inactive."


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