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What Are Field Tag Replacements


  • When building a post on the Manage Posts page, it is common to use field tags to pull information from the Velocify lead into the post, such as First Name, Last Name, or lead status. These field tags are found by selecting the View Field Tags link at the top right of the page while building the post. All custom fields in your account will have a corresponding field tag, along with many system fields, like status, campaign, or date added. 
  • With these field tags, it's not only possible to pull data from the lead when building a post but also manipulate the data when it is placed in a post. This is possible using replacement field tags.





When Would I Use Field Tag Replacements


Below are some common use cases for field tag replacements.


  • Use Case 1-- You need to send a post to a third party dialer that contains phone numbers, but the dialer will only accept numbers in a ten-digit format, without any parenthesis around the area code or dashes between the numbers.
  • Use Case 2-- You need to send the lead's address to a third party system, but that address isn't always in the same field. If you are sending a purchase lead, the address will be in the Property Address field, but if it is a refinance then it will be in the Address field.
  • Use Case 3-- You need to send a URL or other value that contains special characters, like an ampersand "&" or carrot "^" symbol, to a third party company. To do so, that company requests the value to be sent in an HTTP-encoded format.




What Field Tag Replacements Are Available


  • Transform
    • Description: This tag will run the value through a pre-defined script set up by Velocify. To set up a transform tag, please contact our support team to discuss the need and if this is the best option to accomplish your specific case.
    • Format: {transform(schema|key)}
    • Example: {transform(Zillow|interestOnlyPeriod1)}
  • DropChar
    • Description: This tag will drop characters from a value before adding it to a post. This is most commonly used to drop parenthesis or dashes from a phone number.
    • Format: {dropchar(text|characters)}
    • Example: {dropchar({Desired Loan Amount}|$,)}
  • HTTPEncode
    • Description: This tag will HTTP-encode the field value.
    • Format: {httpencode(text)}
    • Example: {httpencode({URL Field})}
  • IfElse
    • Description: This tag will create a conditional logic for the value added to the post. It lets you create an if-else statement, meaning if a field has a certain value, populate the post in one way, else populate it in a different way.
    • Format: {ifElse("if this field"|"is this value"|"then populate this value"|"else populate this value")}
    • Example: {ifElse({Lead.CreateDate}|1/1/2008|{Lead.AssignmentDate}|1/1/1900)}
  • DateTimeNow
    • Description: This tag return the current date and time when the post is sent. This is always in Pacific time.
    • Format: {DateTime.Now}
    • Example: {DateTime.Now}


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