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  • What is Lead Scoring
  • How to Enable Lead Scoring
  • How to Configure Lead Scoring
  • How to See the Score on a Lead
  • How To Use Lead Scoring With Distribution, Prioritization, and Custom Reports






  • LeadManager – Advanced Edition Only







What is Lead Scoring


  • Lead scoring is a feature that allows you to associate a numerical score to each lead in your account. This score is determined by rules that are set up when configuring lead scoring. Each rule can either raise or lower the score of a lead, labeling it as either higher or lower priority than other leads. Once a score has been established for each lead, filters can be written in distribution programs, priority queues, or custom reports to work leads differently based on their scores.
  • Lead scoring allows you to prioritize leads based on the lead information. For example, a mortgage lender might give a lead with a $500,000 loan amount a higher score than a lead with a $100,000 loan amount, or an insurance company might give a lead with an expiration date in the next 30 days a higher score than a lead with an expiration date farther in the future. By establishing those scores, you can easily filter for more important leads when distributing and prioritizing.




How To Enable Lead Scoring


  • Lead scoring is available to all LeadManager Advanced Edition clients but is not automatically enabled. To enable lead scoring, please contact your Account Manager or our support team at or (844) 327-3296.





How To Configure Lead Scoring


Once enabled, you can configure lead scoring by navigating to Menu>Lead Management>Lead Scoring.



To configure a new rule that will impact the score of a lead:


  1. Select [Add Score Criteria]
  2. Title the lead score rule, enable it, and choose how you want that rule to impact the overall score of the lead




  1. Select [Save] to save the new lead score rule
  2. Navigate to the Lead Filters tab
  3. Using the Column, Operator, and Value dropdowns, add filters to determine which leads qualify for this lead score rule. For example, if I want leads with a loan amount greater than $500,000 to qualify for this rule, I would select "Loan Amount" as my column, "greater than" as my operator, and "$500,000" as my value. Then select [Add Filter] to save the filter.






  1. Select [Return to Scoring Criteria] to return to the Lead Scoring page and add new rules as necessary


Existing lead score rules can be enabled or disabled, edited, or can have their impact on the lead score modified. To do so, navigate to Menu - Lead Management - Lead Scoring to view or modify all existing rules. 





How Do I See the Score on a Lead

The score of each lead is visible to administrators only. To see the score on a lead, access the Edit Lead page for that lead. The score will appear on the top left of the page and is the sum of all rules that the lead qualifies for.







How To Use Lead Scoring With Distribution, Prioritization, and Custom Reports

  • When creating or modifying a distribution program, priority queue, or custom report, you can reference the score of a lead when applying filters. This allows you to work leads with a higher score differently than leads with a lower score, ensuring that the most important leads are distributed and contacted first.
  • To reference the lead score when applying filters, navigate to the distribution program, priority queue, or custom report in which you would like to filter based on lead score. In the Column dropdown, you will see Lead Score as an available filter option.





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