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  • How to update billing/credit card information




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  1. To update your credit card information with us, simply follow the URL below and follow the onscreen directions:

 eSign Velocify Credit Card Update Form


  • Important Note – PLEASE READ:There is a validation process that occurs where a verification email gets sent to the email address entered into the form. This verification email contains a link that must be followed in order validate the form and complete the process. The email address entered on the form should correspond to the name of the cardholder.
  1. After you have e-Signed the form, you will receive a password protected copy.
    • Password protection fully encrypts your document and ensures your account information will neverbe exposed in transit, or after it reaches Velocify™. Your copy then should merely serve as a confirmation that the process has been completed. Feel free to delete the email from your inbox after you have received it.
    • Only select, authorized internal personnel will have the ability to unlock and view your document once it arrives at Velocify.
  2. Finally, it is very important that you enter your account name as it appears on your agreement with us in the Company Name field – it’s the only way we can apply your information to the correct account with 100% accuracy.


If you have any further questions or concerns in regards to your account, You can contact your Account Manager or Velocify's Billing Department. 



Billing Department Contact Information:


  • Phone:(855) 268 - 0262  [Please leave a Voicemail]
  • Email:
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