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What is Dial-IQ Call Prioritization and Notification?:


  • Call Prioritization and Notification is a feature that enables agents already on an outbound Dial- IQ call to be notified when an incoming call comes into Velocify. Without Call Prioritization and Notification, agents who are already on a call are considered “unavailable” for any incoming calls and are not notified. This causes an increase in abandoned calls, since agents are often too busy dialing low-converting outbound calls to receive the inbound call.
  • Call Prioritization and Notification reduces the number of abandoned calls by allowing agents to disconnect from their outbound call to receive the prioritized incoming call. This feature examines each incoming call and gives a numerical value to determine if an agent should be notified of the “greater value” call. This value system allows inbound calls, new shotgun leads, and call transfers to be prioritized in a defined order over outbound calls.
  • Once notified, agents can choose at their own discretion whether they are unavailable or available for the new incoming call.






How To Implement Call Prioritization and Notification:


  • This feature is available to all Standard and Advanced Edition LeadManager clients who use Dial-IQ. The feature is automatically available but is initially turned off for all customers.
  • Please contact Velocify Support at or 844.327.3296 to turn on Call Prioritization and Notification.





How Call Prioritization and Notification Works:


  • When agents are connected to an outbound call or inbetween outbound calls through Persistence Dial, the agents will receive a popup notification if a higher-valued inbound call, shotgun connect call, or transferred call comes in. The popup notification will appear in the center of their Velocify browser window and gray out the rest of their Velocify screen.





It is up to the agent to decide whether they are unavailable or available for the new incoming call.


  • If the agent chooses Unavailable, they will remain on their existing outbound call.
  • If the agent chooses Available, they will be automatically disconnected from their current outbound call and will be ready to receive the incoming call. If the agent is using Persistence Dial, their persistence dial session will be discontinued to allow them to receive the incoming call.


Once disconnected from the outbound call, agents will not have to press [1] on their phone to receive the incoming call. They will be automatically connected. When the agent accepts a ‘Higher Priority Call’ and gets connected, they will hear a beep before the conversation starts.





How The Incoming Calls Are Prioritized:


Incoming calls are prioritized in importance in the following order:

  1. Inbound calls
  2. Calls initiated through shotgun connect distribution
  3. Outbound calls


Calls transferred through Dial-IQ are prioritized based on the number of times the call has been transferred. For example, if agents are on an outbound call and receive both an inbound call and a call initiated through shotgun connect at the same time, the inbound call will take priority over the shotgun connect call and be connected first.



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