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What is Lead Source Caller ID?:


  • Lead Source Caller ID allows an organization to assign specific Caller ID phone numbers to each Lead Source in LeadManager.  When in use, leads that are contacted are presented with the Lead Source Caller ID that matches the Lead Source assigned to the lead as the agent's Caller ID phone number.





How Lead Source Caller ID Works:


  • When in use, Lead Source Caller ID recognizes when a lead has been assigned to a Lead Source that possesses an assigned Lead Source Caller ID.  When contact is attempted via Dial-IQ for a lead in this scenario, the lead is presented automatically with the Lead Source Caller ID (superseding any other Caller ID selections, including Local Presence).
  • If no Lead Source Caller ID is assigned to the Lead Source to which the lead is assigned, but the organization has enabled Lead Source Caller ID, Dial-IQ will revert to - in order - either Local Presence, Agent Caller ID, Company Caller ID, or the Dial-IQ Phone Number for the agent when contacting the lead.





How To Set Up Lead Source Caller ID:



Step 1:  Enable Lead Source Caller ID:


All organizations with Dial-IQ 2.0 licenses have access to Lead Source Caller ID functionality.  This option can be enabled from the Client Settings page:


  • Access Client Settings under Preferences within the client organization's LeadManager environment




  • Go to Call Settings: Client then Dialer Account Settings
  • Select the checkbox next to Lead Source Caller ID to enable the option






Step 2: Add Lead Source Caller ID to one or more Lead Sources:


  • Access Lead Sources under Administration




  • Either create a New Lead Source go to the Add/Edit page for an existing Lead Source
  • From the Add/Edit page, add a unique phone number for the client organization under Lead Source Caller ID




  • When complete, select Submit
  • Repeat for all Lead Sources for which the organization wishes to assign a Lead Source Caller ID




How Lead Source Caller ID Works if An Organization Allows Agents to Select their Own Caller ID:


  • For organizations that enable features that allow agents to select their own, preferred Caller ID when contacting leads, Lead Source Caller ID will be available as an option only when the lead is assigned to a Lead Source with an active Lead Source Caller ID.  If no Lead Source Caller ID is available for the Lead Source assigned to the lead, the Dialer will not present Lead Source Caller ID as an option to the agent.


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