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Where to Find Dialer Caller ID Settings:


First, access the Menu page by clicking on your name in the upper right of the header.





Under Preferences, click on Client Settings







What is Dialer Caller ID:


  • The Dialer Caller ID feature can be used in conjunction with Dial-IQ by companies that wish to assign a Caller ID to Dial-IQ.  This Caller ID will be displayed to the agent when establishing a connection from Dial-IQ to the agent. 





Why Use Dialer Caller ID:

  • Using this feature easily identifies to the agent that Dial-IQ is attempting to contact them during click-to-dial, Shotgun Connect and Scheduled Call usage.
  • Additionally, for companies whose agents utilize mobile phones, this feature can be used to ensure that all mobile carriers can accept Dial-IQ calls.


The Dialer will utilize the following hierarchy of Caller IDs when establishing a connection to an agent:

  • Dialer Caller ID
  • Company Override ID
  • Company Caller ID
  • Dial IQ Phone


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