Velocify LeadManager - 17.12 Release Notes

LeadManager Enhancements


Updated Action Icon on Lead View Pages


New lead view icons were introduced in our 17.9 release.


Based on client feedback, the “Take Action” icon has been changed to a check-mark.



Increase Character Count in User Custom and Note Fields

The character count in the following fields have been increased to 500:

  • Note
  • Custom1
  • Custom2
  • Custom3
  • Custom4

These fields are accessible here: Menu -> Preferences -> My Settings or Menu -> Administration -> Manage Users -> Options -> Edit User/Settings (Administrator only).





Pull Preview Race Condition


Addressed the following: If two users trigger a Pull Preview program to give them a lead, that lead gets distributed to both of them within a second, even though the program has filter: [Last Assignment / Distribution Date] not within Last 5 Minutes.

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