Dial-IQ 18.1 Release Notes


New Feature

Upload Voicemails

Today, voicemails can be recorded within LeadManager, but they cannot be recorded and uploaded.  This can make it difficult to compose professionally recorded voicemails and share voicemails among users.


Dial-IQ now provides an option to upload voicemails!

  • Record your WAV voicemail in advance – or have it recorded by a professional
  • Share voicemails among agents to improve consistency and sound
  • You can still record voicemails like before – mix and match

How It Works

  • Access the voicemails page in LeadManager as usual via Menu - Preferences - My Voicemails 

  • Click the Add Voicemail button 

  • Type in a label, choose Voicemail Type and click Submit
    • TerminateCall – ends call after playing voicemail,
    • ContinueCall – allows agent to continue speaking after playing voicemail


  • Choose Upload 

  • Press Choose File button and select a WAV file from your file system 
  • Press Upload button


  • Voicemail loads and displays in My Voicemails page. Press play button to listen.


  • Uploaded voicemails work the same as recorded voicemails in every other respect, except as noted below
  • Using the same name to record or upload another voicemail overwrites the original one by that name


  • Only WAV files are currently supported. Any non-WAV file (e.g. MP3 or M4A), an error message will be displayed in red in the top left of the screen.
  • If the name of the WAV file is too long, it will be cut-off on the Upload page.
    • This is purely cosmetic and will not impact uploading the voicemail in any other way
  • Sometimes, for larger voicemails, the oval next to the play button may look shorter than normal.
    • This is purely cosmetic and will not impact playing or using the voicemail
  • You may experience a very short delay in playing a voicemail for the first time; subsequent plays should be normal
  • When choosing a voicemail to upload from the file system, all files are displayed in the folder – even non-WAV files. Please be sure to select a WAV file.

Dial-IQ Enhancements

Improved Call Recording

We improved call recording within Dial-IQ, making it simpler and faster to use. Now you can record each call, whether forwarded or transferred, without interruptions, and retrieve each recording individually. Also, we increased call transfer and connection speeds. To ensure a successful implementation, we are rolling out the call recording improvements gradually and seamlessly, with all customers receiving the update within 30 days of the 18.1.0 release.

Lead Creation based on Campaign


We are adding these enhancements:


  • Context-sensitive help next to the checkbox for Campaign-based Lead Creation
  • Campaign system field to our de-duplication feature


Lead Creation based on Campaign was released 17.8

Today, when an inbound call comes in from a lead whose Caller ID is already in the lead database, the LM API that Dial IQ uses to lookup/create lead always returns the existing lead.


Clients have requested the ability to enhance lead matching based on the additional criteria of Campaign ID.  Since Inbound Phone Numbers are associated with a campaign, we have added functionality to create a new lead for any inbound call to an inbound Phone Number that is associated with a new Campaign (i.e. one for which there is not already a lead record for that lead’s Caller ID).


Note: If you are using this new feature, be sure to disable “Distribute Matched Leads without a Matching Campaign ID” setting or there may be an unintended conflict.


Note: If you are using Deduplication, be sure you configure it to respect Campaigns (i.e. to not merge leads from different campaigns).

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