How do I change the columns that appear on the view leads page?

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Click Client Settings on the Preferences sub-menu.



Click on the tab called "Lead View: Columns"

This tab allows you to specify what fields appear on the View Leads page. It also allows you to specify the order in which the columns appear. The Included Columns pane lists the fields shown as columns on your View Leads page from left to right. The Excluded Columns pane contains all other fields in the LeadManager.



To add a column to the View Leads page, select one or more fields on the left, and then click the "Add »" button.


To remove a column from the View Leads page, select one or more fields on the right, and then click the "« Remove" button.


To reorder the columns on the View Leads page, select one or more fields on the right, and then click the Up and Down buttons.


Note: The layout that you specify here may be overridden by individual group or user settings. Therefore, if a user or group's members do not see changes that are made on this page, please click the "Settings" link to the right of a group or user's name in Manage Groups or Manage Users to adjust individual group or user settings. (See "Manage Users - Settings" and "Manage Groups - Settings" for more information.)


One reason why you would want to do this is that sales agents spend a lot of time on the view leads page. Often, they are making decisions about which leads to focus on from the View Leads page. The default settings on the View Leads page are configured to make sure agents have access to the most important pieces of information about leads. But you may decide that there are other pieces of information you want them to have to make more effective decisions. If your agents are making calls all over the country, you may want to include Time Zone. This will enable agents to sort their leads by time zone, which they may want to do near the beginning or the end of the work day.

Click here for more information on all the features available on the Client Settings page.

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