How do I setup a lead vendor/provider with Velocify?

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Step 1: Add a Campaign


Always add a new campaign for your new lead source.

Step 2: Select the Provider

When adding the campaign, look for the name of the vendor you're working with in the Provider dropdown menu. If the provider is listed, select that provider before saving the new campaign.



Step 3: Copy the URL


Return to the Manage Campaigns page after saving the new campaign, and select the [Delivery Instructions/URL] link next to the campaign. A popup will appear, providing you with instructions to copy the URL and send to your new lead provider. They will now be able to send leads straight to your Velocify account!



What if my provider is not listed in the dropdown?

Velocify™ is integrated with over 1,400 lead providers, so they are not all listed in the Provider dropdown menu.

If the provider is not listed, continue to save the new campaign and leave the Provider dropdown blank. Once saved, contact Velocify Support. Our team will look up the name of the provider in our database of lead sources. Often, we will be able to immediately provide a posting URL that can sent to the lead vendor.

Please verify that you have the correct lead vendor information, noting that lead vendors may have more than one business name. You may also want to inquire with the vendor whether they have ever posted data to Velocify (formally, Leads360).

If the provider in question has never worked with Velocify and our team does not find record of them in our system, then we will step up a new integration.

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