I'm having trouble logging in to Velocify - HELP!

I'm logging in for the first time:

1. In your web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) navigate to

2. Your username is your FULL EMAIL ADDRESS. This is setup internally by the Administrators on your account. 

3. By default, PASSWORD IS SET TO: 1234


I'm getting a message that says I'm 'Locked Out'

1. A 'Lock Out' can occur after multiple failed log in attempts.  

2. Regardless of what caused the Lock Out - your manager or Velocify Administrator can reset your password. This will allow you back in the system.

3. Please note that for security Velocify Support cannot reset user's passwords or address Lock Out issues. All managerial functions regarding user access must     be addressed by whoever is delegated this task within your organization.


The 'Forgot Password' link isn't working

1. When you click the 'Forgot Password' link on the main login screen your password is immediately changed to a temporary password and this is emailed to you.

2. The email containing your new temporary password should appear in your email inbox within a few seconds.

NOTE: If you do not immediately receive the email containing your temporary password its likely the email was blocked. This is not uncommon. 

4. If the email is not in your 'Junk' or 'Spam' folders, the email was filtered or rejected before it reached your email account. Some email providers and/or company email servers may mark this email as spam. Please contact your internal IT department to review why the email was rejected.

5. If your Forgot Password email was rejected, your manager or Velocify Administrator can always reset your password. This will allow you back in the system.

NOTE: For Security purposes Velocify Support will not reset user's passwords or address Lock Out issues. 

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