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The My Settings Page is the location where you input your contact information as well as some settings that govern how Velocify™ functions work for you.


Go to Menu > Preferences > My Settings


Contact Information and Dial-IQ Phone

The values that you put into the fields in the first few fields are your contact information. These may appear in emails that Velocify sends out automatically so be sure that you enter them as you want them to appear in official, external business communication. Dial-IQ users will also need to put their Dial-IQ phone number here. The Dial-IQ Phone is the number that Dial-IQ will place most calls to when trying to connect you to leads. 


Use this like a custom field. Enter in here any text that you may want to pull into an email signature block.

Custom Fields

Enter text in these custom fields that you would like to appear in a users signature block. Often these are left blank, but some companies put their physical address or a tagline here.

Receive Text Message (SMS) Notifications

Click Receive Text Messages Notifications if you want to receive an SMS Text Message when you are assigned a new lead.

Note: You must also select a service provider and that standard text message rates will apply.


Enter your title here. This value may be pulled into emails, so be sure to enter your full, official title.

Message Recording

This setting is only for Dial-IQ users. Click the the Record button to record a standard voicemail message that you can leave for leads by clicking the Leave Message button on the Dial-IQ Action window. Click here for more information on Dial-IQ Pre-Recorded Standard Voicemail.

Receive Email Open Notification

Click this checkbox if you want to receive a notification when one of your emails is opened.

User Names and Passwords for Integrations

Some third party integrations require that Velocify interacts with their systems using a specific users log in credentials. If you have such an integration, you must enter your username(s) and password(s) on the My Settings page.

Calendar Start and End Hours

Click the hours that comprise your workday. This is important for receiving leads through automatic distribution.

Default Calendar View

Choose to have your calendars default view include all reminders or only your own.

Show Calendar Background Highlights

Click this checkbox to display highlights in the calendar wherever there are tasks or appointments scheduled.

Save Filter Criteria (View Leads)

Click this checkbox so that when you filter your leads and click away from the View Leads page, your filters are saved. When you return to the view lead page, the leads will still display according to the filters you applied. Click here for more about filtering and sorting on the view leads page.

Upon Login Go To

Choose to have either the Dashboard of the View Leads page load when you log in.

Click Apply to save your changes and stay on the page. Click Submit to save changes and be taken to the Dashboard.

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