Job Aid: Filtering and Sorting Leads on the View Leads Page

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View Leads Page - NORMAL VIEW

The View Leads Page is the nerve center of Lead Manager in terms of actually working leads. You can take Actions on leads, set Reminders, and more from the View Leads Page.

Working an individual lead can also be done from that lead's Edit/ View Lead Page. But selecting the particular lead or group of leads you want to work on is done on the View Leads Page.




When you filter your leads, you are excluding all the leads that fall outside the filter. If you filter by campaign, for example, you will see only the leads associated with that campaign.



Click these links to filter your leads. These filters will restrict the pool of leads you are viewing. You can filter leads by Status, Campaign, or Date Range. Use the filters in combination to zero in on specific groups of leads you want to work.

For Example, you might want to find leads from the "Self Generated" Campaign that were added to the system between February 1st and April 1st, 2009. Pulling up that subset of leads is as easy as Dialing the filters and clicking Go.

The filter bar displays what filters are currently applied to the leads. In the example above, the status filter has multiple items selected. As such, it displays: “Included Statuses” The Groups, Users, and Campaigns filters are all set to include All.

Setting Filters: Statuses, Groups, Users, Campaigns

Setting filters on Statuses, Groups, Users, and Campaigns is done by the same process which will be demonstrated in the next series of steps. Setting a Date Range filter is done on a different interface, so it will be demonstrated separately.

To apply a filter, click a link in the filters bar to open the popup.

When clicking the Status link on the filter bar the popup loads as seen here


  1. The list of possible values to filter on appears here. Click a value to filter on it
  2. Type into this search field to find values more quickly. Results are returned in real time
  3. Selected values appear in this list
  4. Click the Reset link to clear the selected filters


After clicking several statuses they appear here in the Selected list


Mousing over a selected value reveals an X. Click the value to remove it from the list of selected values.

Using the Search field

  1. Find a value by typing in the search filed
  2. Results are returned in real time based on the text appearing in the search field. Click the value to add it to the Selected column

  1. The desired set of statuses have been added to the Selected list
  2. Click the select button to add the filter


Setting Filters: Time Frame

Click the date range in the filter bar to set the date range filter


Clicking one of the preset date ranges will filter by that time frame.


Alternatively, it is possible to click in the Specific Dates fields to select a date range that way. Click in the From field to set the beginning of the date range.


Click in the To field to set the end of the date range.


When the Specific Dates time frame has been set, clicking the Select button will set the filter.

When the filters are set, they appear in the expanded filter bar.


Clicking the GO button on the Filter bar will reload the View Leads page  with leads filtered as specified.



Click the other column headers to sort your leads by Name, Campaign, or other criteria.  Click the same column header again to toggle between ascending and descending sort order. In addition to sort columns.

The default "sort order" of your leads is by "Date Added" with the most recent appearing first. Note that the column headers appearing here will vary depending on your industry.


Filtering and Sorting leads to focus on subsets of leads can be done on the view leads page. Usually filters and sorting will be used in combination to focus on groups of leads. For example, filter your leads by Campaign when you want to work leads from a particular source, then sort by date added to work the newest leads first.

Note that if you are looking at your view leads page with the Prioritized View, you will not have the option to filter and sort your leads. This is because Lead Prioritization is designed to sort your leads for you by order of importance. In fact, Lead Prioritization can be thought of as a sorting algorithm that sifts through your leads to find the ripest opportunities.

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