Dial-IQ Standard Voicemail Message

Dial-IQ has a call message record function which allows you to create a pre-recorded standard voice mail message that you can leave on any call placed using Dial-IQ.

To record your standard voice mail message please follow these steps:

1. Go to Menu > Preferences > My Settings

2. On the My Settings page, scroll down to find the Message Record feature.

3. Click the Record button. Your phone will ring. Follow the prompts to record your standard voicemail message.

Note: This is not an outgoing message that leads will hear when they call you. This is a message that you will leave on a leads voicemail when you have called them and the call has gone to their voicemail.

Using the Leave Message Feature on the Dial IQ window

Using the Leave Message feature is easy. Whenever you are on a call that was initiated by Dial-IQ, and you get the leads voicemail, wait for the beep and click the Leave Message button

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