Job Aid: Creating Calendar Events

Calendar Events: Task and Appointments

Use Calendar Events to schedule events that appear in your Dashboard Calendar.

There are two types of Velocify LeadManager™ Calendar Events; Tasks and Appointments.

A Task has a single due date/time. This type of Calendar Event is a simple deadline and is suitable for events that do not span a predictable period of time. For example, "Call Ms. Williams to see if she has returned from vacation.”

An appointment has both a start and end time. This type of Calendar Event is suitable for scheduled sales calls, sit downs, etc.  Making this distinction will help you organize your calendar and schedule your work.

After scheduling a Calendar Event, it will appear in your dashboard calendar.

Creating Calendar Events

There are several places in LeadManager where you can open the Calendar Event Popup. The Calendar Event Popup is the tool you use to create Calendar Events. As a user you can only schedule Calendar Events for yourself. Administrators can schedule Calendar Events for any user. Administrators can also configure actions to require Calendar Events.

To create a new Calendar Event, open the Calendar Event Popup by one of the following three methods:

1. On the View Leads page, right-click a lead and select Add Calendar Event from the right-click menu.

2. On the View Leads page, click the Calendar Event Icon in the Options Column

3. If you have Dial-IQ, click the Calendar Event Icon on the Dial-IQ Action Window.

The Calendar Event Pop-Up Window

1. Select Task or Appointment

2. Give the Calendar Event a Title and Description

3. Select a Date and Time for your Calendar Event by selecting the radio button that corresponds with the method you would like to use to schedule your Task or Appointment

If the Calendar Event is a task, there are two options for setting the time of the task. The first option allows you to select from a dropdown menu a number of minutes, hours, or days in the future that you would like to schedule the call back. This method would be used when a lead asks a user to call him back without setting an exact time. For example, “Call me back in 15 minutes.”

The second option allows you to schedule the Task at a specific date and time in the future.

If your Calendar Event is an appointment, you will need to choose a start time and an end time.

If desired, select the Alert Me By: method(s) you would like to be alerted by, as well as the amount of time before the beginning of the event that you would like to receive the alerts. The different types of alerts are Popup, Email, and Text (SMS).

Dial IQ - Scheduled Dial

If you are using Dial-IQ, and would like this Calendar Event to be a Scheduled Dial, click the Scheduled Dial checkbox. With Scheduled Dial, you choose the number you can be reached at, and the number that the lead can be reached at and at the time of the appointment, Dial-IQ calls the number you select for yourself, and when you answer, it calls the lead at the selected number and connects the two calls.

Click here for more about Scheduled Dial.

Once the Calendar Event is scheduled, it will appear in the user’s dashboard calendar.


Click the Edit Icon to open the calendar event popup to edit Calendar Event details

Dashboard Calendar and Calendar Events

Depending on your role, the Dashboard Calendar with have slightly different functionality.

User - Any Calendar Event that is set for a lead will appear in the users dashboard calendar. Users can only schedule Calendar Events for their own leads.

Group Manager - A Group Managers dashboard calendar displays calendar events for all users in the group he manages. Group Managers can set Calendar Events for their own leads and for leads assigned to the users in his group.

Administrator - An Administrators dashboard calendar displays calendar events for all users. Administrators can set Calendar Events for their own leads and for leads assigned to any other user in the system.

If you are an Administrator or Group Manager, you can select groups and/or users from the drop-down menus on the Dashboard Calendar. Select All Groups,  All Users, or select a subset of groups and/or users and click the Go button. Calendar Events scheduled for the selected users will appear in the Dashboard Calendar.

The Dashboard Calendar can be printed to be used as a daily appointment sheet. Click here for more information about printing your dashboard calendar.

View and edit your Calendar Events on the Dashboard Calendar.

The icon at the beginning of the Calendar Event entry will display if the event is a  Task or Appointment.

More information associated with the Calendar Event is displayed in the Dashboard Calendar entry. This includes the status of the Calendar Event, the Event time, Information about the lead and Title of the Calendar Event.

Mouse over the logs number to reveal the last five lead logs.

Click the Edit Icon to open the calendar Event and edit the details.

Click the Completed Icon to mark the Calendar Event complete.

Click the Outlook Icon to export an outlook reminder.

Click the Delete Icon to delete the Calendar Event.

Mouse over the Phone Icon to display available phone numbers for this lead.  

Calendar Event Alerts

Calendar Events Alerts can be sent through three channels; Popup, Email and Text Message (SMS)

If you select Popup as one of the methods by which you will be alerted, you will now have the option to Snooze the alert.

From the Snooze dropdown menu, specify for how long you would like to snooze the alert.

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