Job Aid: Using Dial-IQ Scheduled Dial

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Using Scheduled Dial

Scheduled Dial as a setting on the add/edit Calendar Event popup. It can be used by users who want to schedule a Dial-IQ initiated call to a lead in the future.

To use Scheduled Dial, users must be sure to have their Calls button on to be sure they are connected to their scheduled call backs. If a user’s Calls button is off, Dial-IQ will not initiate the Calendar Event Scheduled Dial.


Scheduled Dial is available as a setting wherever you set calendar events. This includes:

  • The Options button on the Edit/View Leads Page
  • The Add/Edit Calendar Event popup
  • The Add Action/Calendar Event popup
  • The Dial-IQ Action Window

For example, to use Scheduled Dial, right-click a lead on the View Leads page and select Add Calendar Event.

The Add/Edit Calendar Event popup will load.


Add information to the Calendar Event as you normally would; including selecting Task or Appointment. Scheduled Dial works both with Tasks and Appointments.

Give the Calendar Event a Title and a Description.

Then set the Date and Time of the Calendar Event by selecting the radio button that corresponds with the method you would like to use to schedule your Task or Appointment. 

The first option allows you to select from a dropdown menu a number of minutes, hours, or days in the future that you would like to schedule the call back. This method would be used when a lead asks a user to call him back without setting an exact time. For example, “Call me back in 15 minutes.”  

The second option allows you to schedule the Calendar Event at a specific date and time in the future. Use the Time Zone radio buttons to designate if the Calendar Event is scheduled at the selected time in your time zone or in the time zone of the lead. This method would be used if you are scheduling the Calendar Event for some specific time in the future.

If desired, select the Alert Me By: method(s) you would like to be alerted by, as well as the amount of time before the beginning of the event that you would like to receive the alerts.

Next, to engage the Scheduled Dial functionality, click the Scheduled Dial checkbox.


Clicking the Scheduled Dial checkbox will make active the phone number dropdowns.

The values that are preselected in the Scheduled Dial phone number dropdowns are

  • Your Dial-IQ Phone- Set by users on the My Settings page
  • The Leads Phone number- The default lead phone number is determined by a setting that is controlled by an administrator on the Client Settings page

You can have this Scheduled Dial occur between any two numbers that are in the system. If you want Dial-IQ to call you on your mobile phone, and the lead on his home phone, select those values from the Scheduled Dial phone number dropdowns.

Complete your Calendar Event settings and click the Save and Close button. To review creating calendar events, click here.

If the Calendar Event is a task, the Scheduled Dial occurs at the time of the task. If the Calendar Event is an Appointment, the Scheduled Dial will occur at the beginning of the appointment.

Note that there are a couple situations where if you try to schedule a Calendar Event with Scheduled Dial you will receive an error message:

  1. You already have a Calendar Event with a Scheduled Dial pending on a given lead, it will not be possible to schedule another.
  2. You have scheduled an appointment that has a Scheduled Dial, you will be unable to schedule another Scheduled Dial during that appointment.


Once the Calendar Event is scheduled, it will appear in the user’s dashboard calendar.


When the time arrives for the Scheduled Dial, Dial-IQ will call the user’s phone.

When the user answers his phone, he will hear the Whisper Info Message and have to press the 1 button to be connected to the lead. A Dial-IQ Call Notification will pop up, with a View Call Details button. Clicking the View Call Details button will open the Dial-IQ Action Window.



When a callis placedthe Dial-IQ Action Window will open at the bottom of the page. dialer-bar-1.png

When a call is placed, Dial-IQ will first place a call to the user, and when that call is answered, a call will be placed to the lead, and the two calls will be connected.



Users can take an action on the lead from the Dial-IQ Action Window by selecting an action from the dropdown,




Making a Comment if necessary,




And clicking the Take Action button.






Some of the icons which appear on the right of the Dial-IQ Action Window are familiar, but the first one in the list is new. The Quick View icon icon-quick-view.png will pop up a window that contains lead information.





The Quick View window scrolls, so you can see all the information about the lead you are calling.

icon-action.png The Take Action Icon  will open the View Logs/Take Action popup. This is good for when you want to take an acion and see the logs.

icon-edit.png The Edit Lead Icon  will open the leads View/Edit Lead page. This is good for when you get a lead on the phone and want full lead editing functionality, i.e., adding and editing lead information, viewing logs, taking actions, etc..

icon-phone.png Mouse over the Phone Icon  to reveal the rest of the phone numbers associated with this lead. This is useful for when you want to try contacting this lead on more than one number before moving on to the next lead.

icont-calendar-event.png Click the Calendar Event Icon  to set a calendar event for this lead. This is good for if you get a lead on the phone and they ask you to call them back at some time in the future.

When the call is complete, end the call by clicking the Hang Up button.


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