Partner Integrations: PCLender

PC Lender (PCLender) is a Loan Origination System. Velocify LeadManager™ has a bi-directional integration with PC Lender’s Web Service through our xml poster.

Here’s how it works:

  • Navigate to the View Leads Page.
  • Right click the lead you want to export to PCLender
  • Mouse over Export Lead
  • Click PCLender

It is also possible to get a custom integration that enables you to use the XML Poster to have the lead export triggered by an action or a status change in LeadManager. Here's how:

Use a LeadManager action to post the lead to PCLender (the more common method) - In LeadManager you can create an action that posts the lead to PC Lender. For example, when a lead is ready to apply for a loan, the Loan Officer working the lead takes an action called, “Send Lead to PC Lender”. This Action posts the lead to PC Lender where the Loan Origination process can take place.

Use a LeadManager status to post the lead to PCLender (the less common method) - In LeadManager, you can create a status that, when a lead reaches it, the lead is posted to PC Lender. For example, when a lead reaches the status, “Application” it gets posted to PC Lender Automatically.

Here is a step by step for a user within LeadManager to leverage the PCLender integration:

  1. Lead is in LeadManager
  2. Loan officer works lead within LeadManager until application has been taken
  3. Loan officer clicks “send to PCLender” link when ready to insert into PCLener
  4. Lead is posted via XML into PCLender web service
  5. New loan record is created in PCLender
  6. PCLender responds back success/failure and inserts PCLender ID into LeadManager lead record
  7. LeadManager attempts to sync nightly with PCLender to see if any records have become funded (this only happens for 60 days from insert, older records are no longer synced for performance reasons)
  8. If record has been found to reached funded in PCLender, then lead status is changed to funded in LeadManager which allows client to calculate closed loop ROI

To enable the Velocify - PCLender integration, contact your Account Manager with your PC Lender login credentials.


  1. Login to the Mortgage Rollback Demo Database
  2. Search for Lead ID: 3884
  3. Lead information will be First Name: PC Lender, Last Name: Lead
  4. Go to edit lead
  5. Options Button: Export Lead to PC Lender (note this action is available in all statuses)
  6.  vWe only get status update on a nightly basis

Ask your sales or services rep if you would like to see this demo

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