Partner Integrations: TARGUSinfo/Neustar

TARGUSinfo Lead Verification Integration Documentation

Updated on: 2/3/10



Velocify™ offers an integration with TARGUSinfo lead verification from within the LeadManager. The integration leverages the XML poster and allows clients to trigger a request to verify the lead name, address, and phone number through TARGUSinfo’s national database.


Information about TARGUSinfo Offering:

For information regarding TARGUSinfo offering and the TARGUSinfo integration with Velocify please contact Nick Hedges.






  1. Login to the Mortgage Rollback Demo Database
  2. Search for Lead ID: 3888
  3. Lead information will be First Name: Targus, Last Name: Lead
  4. Go to edit lead
  5. Take action: Post to Targus (note this action is available in all statuses)
  6.  To view results Go To: Other Information Tab> Targus Score & Targus Response

Ask your sales or services rep if you would like to see this demo

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