Partner Integrations: SEMCAT

SEMCAT Integration

Velocify™ is integrated with Allied Strategy's SEMCAT quoting solution. The new integration enables independent insurance agents to manage leads and retrieve accurate, bindable quotes from all of their appointed carriers with one streamlined platform.


The SEMCAT integration is:

  • A one-way integration from Velocify to SEMCAT
  • The XML post is triggered by either an action or status change
  • There is a default XML Schema we use to pass the appropriate data to SEMCAT


The integration is one-way.  SEMCAT returns a simple UUID to indicate either success or failure.

The UUID returned from a successful post will look like this: 17d49e5a-f1a0-4e57-b9ac-2ff22fe2165e. A failed post will return the word “failure” followed by the failure reason (e.g.  “failure, missing arguments: state”)

The integration is simple to setup and just involves creating two new XML Posts (one for the “lob=auto”, and another for “lob=home”). 

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