Partner Integrations: Lending Tree

The standard Lending Tree integration supports the export of certain Client and Funding Event data.

The export enables Lending Tree to collect information on the deal that was sold.  

The data will be sent to Lending Tree as part of a nightly synch that happens the same day as the day that the lead reached the Conversion Milestone. This is the only time that the data will be sent.  It is not possible to go back and fill out the tab, check a different column or make changes to the data after this nightly synch has occurred.

If the information is different than the information in any of the tabs (i.e., the original offers that got generated) then the client must change the info on the Pricing tab on the Edit Lead page.

When a lead gets to the Conversion Milestone Velocify™ sends the following info to Lending Tree

To identify it:

The QFName aka the Application ID aka the Ref ID

To identify the client:

  • LenderId
  • Username
  • Password
  • Loan Officer Username
  • Loan Officer Email

About the Funding Event:

  • Loan Program – e.g. 30 Year Fixed
  • Loan Purpose – Mortgage, Refinance, HE Loan, HELOC, et cetera
  • Loan Amount
  • Rate
  • APR
  • Points
  • Term
  • Date Funded
  • Origination Fee
  • Discount Points
  • LTV Range
  • Standard Loan Program Name

If you do not know which statuses in your system are mapped to the Conversion Milestone, contact Velocify support to find out. Lead data will not be sent to Lending Tree for leads that don’t reach the Conversion Milestone.

Most of the information that is exported to Lending Tree is found in the Pricing Tab that stores the offers that are generated and sent to Lending Tree for a new lead.

Each offer has its own column on the Pricing tab.  Each Column on the Pricing tab includes a checkbox.  Users should click the checkbox corresponding to the offer that was sold. The data that is in the column checked by the user is the data that is exported to Lending Tree.

If no checkbox is selected, Velocify exports to Lending Tree the info for the first column that has data.  For example, if there is no box checked and there is data in Column 1, the data from Column 1 will be sent to Lending Tree.  In the event that two boxes are checked; for example, Columns 1 and 2 the data from Column 1 will be exported.

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