Partner Integrations: Zillow

These instructions assume that you have already created your Zillow lender account and have acquired mortgage notification service permissions.


In order to start receiving leads from Zillow create a campaign in Velocify LeadManager™ with Zillow as the lead source. Click here to review adding campaigns.

On the Manage Campaigns page click the Delivery Instructions/URL linkassociated with yourZillow campaign


The highlighted link will need to be copied and pasted into a form on

Copy the highlighted link 

Navigate to to create a saved search. A screenshot of this page is below:



A series of input boxes, checkboxes, and radio buttons in the left navigation column allow you to filter loan requests based on search criteria such as location, loan amount, borrower credit score, and loan type requested.


Select the set of search criteria that specify which loan requests you wish to receive notifications for, and then click the Save Search button near the bottom of the navigation column. Note that you must be signed in as a registered lender for the Save Search button to appear.


 A dialog will pop up prompting you for a name and a notification type. A screenshot is below:



Enter any name and select the HTTP Post notification type. A text input box will appear prompting you for a URL. Paste the URL that you copied from Delivery Instructions/URL popup in Velocify LeadManager. URL you want notifications to be posted to, and click Save Search.



Step 2: Instructions for LeadManager clients to configure Zillow API 2.0

These instructions are for LeadManager Clients who are setting up the Zillow integration for the first time.


The fields that are posted as part of Zillow Notifications are:

 Borrower Email Address- In the earlier version of the Zillow API it was only possibly to capture borrower contact information over the phone after the borrower contacted the lender. With the new API it is now possible to have borrowers email address posted from Zillow to LeadManager.

Contact Price- Zillow charges for leads when contact is made between the borrower and the lender. The cost is contained in this field. The data is provided by Zillow.

New fields also include VA Loan Fields VA Loan Fields- Zillowis offering a new loan type: the VA loan. The new fields contain VA loan data. These are: Eligible for VA Loan, VA Loan First Time Use, Has VA Related Disability, and Veteran Type.


To configure your LeadManager Zillow integration to receive Version 2 Notifications, follow these steps:


·         Go to

·         Click Sign In in the upper right hand corner

·         Log in with the credentials for the account whose notifications you want to upgrade

·         Hover over the My Zillow tab and click the Lender Billing link



·         Click the Lender Settings link in the navigation menu on the left side of the screen

·         Select API V2 in the drop-down box next to the Zillow Quote API Notification Version label and click Save


All saved searches on the edited account will be updated immediately, and version 2 notifications will be sent to relevant URLs specified in your Zillow account from that point forward.

To configure a lender account to post contacts the lender must add the URL on their lender settings page. Here's how:

On the Lender Settings page, click the Enable Contact API checkbox and add the Contact API URL* to which you would like the contacts posted in Contact API field.


*Note: This is a different URL than the URL that your leads are posted to. You will need to contact your LeadManager account manager or client support to get this URL.


If you would like to stop receiving the contacts through e-mail, uncheck the Enable Email Contact option


Click the Save button

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