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XML POSTER is an add‐on for Velocify™ that enables clients to post lead data from Velocify to any system that accepts XML or traditional HTTP requests. Clients can create an unlimited number of templates for posting data to 3rd party systems. Each template can contain unique XML or other text data and can use the built‐in “field tags” to send unique lead data in the post. Similar to the current email system, Clients can use the built‐in rules capabilities, status changes or actions to trigger posts. Clients can use this to communicate with more than one 3rd party and to send different sets of data using different criteria to the same partner. The options are almost limitless.


How Do I Enable the XML Poster?

The XML Poster on the Manage Posts page is automatically enabled for all LeadManager Advanced Edition clients.

For LeadManager Standard Edition clients, the XML Poster can be added to your account as an add-on feature. To request access to the XML Poster, please contact your Velocify Account Manager.

NOTE: In order to successfully set up and trigger a post from the XML Poster, access to other features such as the Manage Actions and Manage Status page is also required, which are not available on LeadManager Standard Edition. For this reason, it is best to get assistance from Velocify’s Professional Services team to create any necessary posts and set up the post triggers if you have a Standard Edition account. Please contact your Account Manager to request assistance from the Professional Services team.

When Would I Use the XML Poster?

Use Case 1: Post leads to a predictive dialer like Five9. Trigger a post using a status change or action for leads that you want to send to a dialer. Make a batch report of old leads and send them to a dialer to create new opportunities.


Use Case 2: Automatically post new leads with no contact in 5 days to marketing automation software like SoftVu.


Use Case 3: Create a custom report with all converted leads for the month and post them to analytics companies.


Use Case 4: Post returned leads to lead providers by taking an action or status change, or using batch process (Enterprise clients only).



How Do I Use the XML Poster?

For details on how to use the XML Poster on the Manage Posts page, please review the related article: Manage Posts: Detailed Review.

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