Partner Integrations: Optimal Blue

Velocify LeadManager™ has several integrations with Optimal Blue’s Product Eligibility and Pricing Engine. Documented here are the most common uses cases which can be implemented without additional setup fees incurred by the client.


Method #1 - Automatic Pricing When New Leads Arrive

LeadManager can automatically request “price quotes” through Optimal Blue when a new lead arrives. This is typically used with lead providers like Lending Tree or Zillow that require offers be submitted to leads within seconds of a lead being generated. When this occurs, the lead information is posted to Optimal Blue, and pricing scenarios are returned and stored with the lead as well as returned to the lead provider (if applicable) to be sent to the consumer. The client can also setup automatic email triggers with pricing offers included in the body if desired. Configuration for this functionality can be modified from within LeadManager’s user interface.


Note: Leads that are automatically or manually “priced” do not remain in Optimal Blue’s interface. Only the offers are generated and sent back to LeadManager. If the client wants to store the lead in Optimal Blue to leverage Optimal Blue’s full pricing system, they must use the manual sending method (described as method #3 below).

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